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Trucking Company
We haul Dry Bulk, Produce, Grain, Feed, Coal, and Aggregates. Leon Lacy uses trailers with walking floors, hopper bottoms and dumps. We cover all states East of the Mississippi.
Bulk Coal
Pick up or delivery available
HEAP accepted
Curran Renewable Energy Wood Pellets
Available by the ton or bag
HEAP accepted
Available for pickup or delivery
HEAP accepted
Bulk Lime
Spreading and hauling available for agricultural and food plot purposes
Bulk Mulch
Numerous varieties available for wholesale or retail.
Bulk Wood chips
Delivery available
Sawdust and other Bedding Materials
Pine shavings, Kiln dried sawdust, green sawdust, and other bedding materials
Playground Surfacing Manufacturer
Wood chips
Building Construction
Leon Lacy Inc can assist with all building aspects including Barns, Pavilions, Concrete work, Driveways, Interior, Exterior and More! Contact us today for all of your building construction needs.
Fence Construction (Commercial and Residential)
Chain Link, Wooden fences, and Vinyl Fences
Feed Store
Feed: Blue Seal, Country Magic, Sentinel, and Whitetail Institute
Seed: Bird
Pet Food: Dog, Cat, Goat, Rabbit
Farm Supplies: Horse feed, Chicken/Poultry feed, Cow feed, Goat feed, Rabbit feed, Fish food (pond fish)
Whitetail Institute of North America Dealer
For all your food plot needs
Garden/Lawn Supplies: Preferred Seed
Lawn Installation
Brushhogging - Commercial and Residential
Muck Boots
Wall Jackets and Sweatshirts
Gloves and Mittens from Deer Skin Products Company
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Blue Seal Feeds

Blue Seal
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